I am a psychotherapist trained to provide therapy to individuals, couples, and families. After receiving my masters degree in clinical psychology I completed an extensive training of over 3,000 hours providing therapy to children and families with emotional and behavioral challenges. I then passed several rounds of state clinical and ethical testing and examination, which ultimately lead me to become a licensed marriage and family therapist.

After years of working with families and helping them overcome many different obstacles, I began to fall in love with helping parents. It became my passion, my specialty, and now I am dedicated to helping parents of all backgrounds experience hope, find peace and enjoy precious moments with their families.

I have a special place in my heart for parents of children who have special needs or challenges. The stress, lack of intimacy, and loneliness in the journey of raising a special needs child can make parenting feel like a daily battle and can put extreme stress on a relationship. I am committed to helping families experience freedom from this stress by providing tools to strengthen their marriage, helping parents understand the unique needs of their child, and implementing lifestyle changes that support a family’s unique needs.

"If you're doing something that doesn't make sense, look deeper: It makes sense." -G. Roth