I am a psychotherapist trained to provide therapy to individuals, couples, and families. I spent many years working with children and families, which ultimately lead me to pursue a masters degree in clinical psychology.

During my clinical training, my experience working in adolescent residential and outpatient treatment programs peeked my curiosity about what is not working for children and their families in the field of mental health. I began to notice that certain behavioral approaches and interventions ended up being more harmful than helpful often times leaving families feeling frustrated and confused.

This lead me to open up a private practice that would take a different approach. An approach that sees behaviors as meaningful and symptoms as important messages from the mind and body. I am dedicated in helping every child identify their individual differences and sensitivities so that those who love and care for them will know how to best help them thrive.

I am also very passionate about working with the parents of children with challenges, a population that is commonly overlooked. Couples work is an essential part of creating a safe and nurturing environment for children to live in. Consultations are at no charge, contact me for more questions about couples therapy and services.

"If you're doing something that doesn't make sense, look deeper: It makes sense." -G. Roth