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As a parent, are you stressed out? Anxious? Exhausted? Easily triggered? Do you feel lonely? Like a broken record? At odds with your spouse?

You are not alone. The truth is parenting is hard and it can bring up a lot. Raising children can challenge your marriage, make you lose touch with who you really are, and can cause detours on the goals and dreams you once had.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if I told you it is possible to feel relaxed again? To have more energy and feel peace in your home? To experience more joyful and FUN moments with your spouse and children?

As a family therapist I am dedicated to helping parents just like you find freedom. Freedom from stress and anxiety so that you can be free to have fun. Free to play, create, be romantic, and most importantly free to enjoy the precious years you have with your children.


Meet Kendra

Kendra Delahooke, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapist

I often get asked how I became interested in the field of parenting and mental health.

The specialty came to me overtime as I completed my graduate and post graduate training at several different mental health agencies and treatment centers. After working with many children and adolescents with behavioral and emotional challenges it occurred to me that many of their challenges developed from their experiences at home.

I then began to work with their parents. Although they meant well and wanted the best for their children, they oftentimes did not know how to help their child thrive.

After teaching parents about child development, helping them understand the specific needs of their child, and providing them with tools to strengthen their marriage, to my surprise, the child’s mental health greatly improved.

I have built my practice upon the idea that parents can become relaxed, connected, and joyful with tailored support and unique tools. It is a great privilege to see families reach their full potential!

When we begin to know ourselves in an open and self-supportive way, we take the first step to encourage our children to know themselves.
— Dan Siegel

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