What Your Relationship with Food Really Means


Understanding the unique relationship you have with food can provide insight into other aspects of your life including the way you respond to thoughts and feelings.

How do you respond to hunger? Fullness? Do you control what you eat? What happens in a social setting where food is involved?

In therapy we will explore many questions that will help paint a picture of your relationship with food. Creating clarity around these behaviors leads to insight into other important areas of your life such as:

  • Perceived level of control
  • Patterns of Isolation/withdrawal
  • Emotional fullness vs Physical fullness
  • The ability to cope with uncomfortable feelings
  • Processing past trauma

What does this mean?

Your relationship with food goes beyond the food. If it was as easy as controlling the food you eat... you would have been healed of food problems with the first diet you ever started. Making peace with food doesn't begin with the food, it begins with YOU.



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