Do I need therapy?


Throughout my career as a therapist, I have heard these question many times.

Do I need therapy? How do I know if I need therapy? Will I be ok without therapy?

My initial response is, "You tell me! You have been able to get through life without this far....

but what makes you ask?"

The conversation then shifts from a place of worry to curiosity. The truth is, humans are extremely resilient. Even in the most extreme circumstances of change, illness, and loss humans are able to survive and continue living their lives. So why therapy?

Because what you don't know can be potentially harmful to the relationship you have with yourself and those around you. Therapy facilitates a learning process where insight is gained and information is learned. Specific information such as the way you process emotions and memories. 

And from insight, we gain knowledge. From knowledge, we gain awareness. Through awareness comes freedom. The freedom to choose how we want to respond and live our lives.

So then the question moves from "Why would I? to "Why wouldn't I?"


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