Embracing the Monday Blues

Tune in, Not Out

        Sunday night. A very common time to experience a slight raise of anxiety in anticipation of the start of a new week. Whether you’re a parent of three facing endless diaper changes or an owner of a constantly evolving startup, Monday morning can feel like a hurdle to large to jump. Learning to tune in to your feelings of anxiety or sadness can have profitable outcomes not only for yourself, but those around you including your partner and children. Learning to tune in can help you:

1) Notice Unwanted Thoughts

        Tuning in or bringing attention to your Monday blues can help you discover thoughts that are tied to your emotions such as “I am unorganized” or “life is out of control.” Thought patterns can become so automatic that they go unnoticed but slowing down and tuning in can help stop these thoughts in their track.

2) Be an Example for Those Around You

        When you tune in and notice your feelings, you are modeling healthy emotional behavior. This can have a significant impact on your spouse or children as many household behaviors are mirrored. Whether you take a deep breath, talk about your feelings, or write down your thoughts, you are making an impact on your loved ones by actively modeling how to deal with the Monday blues.

3) Rewire the Brain

       Yes, it is true! Every time you bring awareness to your emotions you are rewiring the brain. This means that each time you try something different when you are in a state of distress your brain is creating new pathways that will help make the Monday Blues less of a battle. It can be as easy as taking some deep breaths instead of reaching for your phone or pausing for a moment of gratitude before getting dressed. The next time you notice feelings of sadness or anxiety at the start of a week, take a moment to tune in and slow down and you will reap the benefits!