The Honeymoon Phase [debunked]

The first date was amazing. The second date you're a smiling goon and by the third date you can hardly wait to see her again. The chemistry continues to build and the honeymoon phase has officially begun! The combination of physical attraction, compatibility, and sense of familiarity begins to ignite a feeling of safety throughout your brain and body.

Your Body Becomes a Drug Factory

Being drunk in love is not just a saying. The brain begins to produce natural narcotics (endorphins and enkephalins) that creates feelings of safety and security. The production of dopamine and norepinephrine increases, which causes an increase in energy, positivism, and optimism. You become high on life.

Lost the Spark?

Although science outlines the details of falling in love, research is also showing there are ways to reignite feelings of safety, connection, and passion once experienced in a relationship. Couples therapy can be a beneficial starting place to reintroduce intimacy and passion as you learn how to communicate your needs, dreams and desires. Heighten the way you experience your partner and learn a lot about communication along the way. It's never too late for passion!