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Kendra received her Master of Arts degree in clinical psychology from Azusa Pacific University and is in private practice in West Los Angeles, California. Before beginning her clinical training,  she worked with children and families for over ten years where she gained insight into the dynamics and functionality of families. She then pursued a master degree to further expand her knowledge of family development and today is invested in restoring balance and relational well-being back into her clients' lives. Kendra specializes in treating individuals and couples who struggle with anxiety related issues including eating disorders, social anxiety, and depression.

Her approach is to look at problematic symptoms through a new lens while taking into account an individual's somatic complaints, family history, and individual differences. Kendra strongly believes in the mind-body approach to treatment and practices experiential and mindfulness techniques to target the source of emotional pain. Mental health symptoms are oftentimes disguised in the body, which can result in confusing and pervasive physical symptoms such as disrupted sleep, digestion/eating issues, and low energy. Kendra is particularly passionate about helping her clients make sense of confusing physical and behavioral issues that have been misunderstood by healthcare providers.

In addition to seeing clients in private practice, she continues to receive training in mindfulness practices through the MARC (Mindfulness Awareness Research Center) institute at UCLA. This training has heightened her understanding of mindfulness awareness and how these practices help restore peace, joy, and well-being back into daily life.


"If you're doing something that doesn't make sense, look deeper: It makes sense." -G. Roth

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