Welcome! I am happy you are here.

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist trained to provide psychotherapy to clients of all ages and backgrounds. My specialties include anxiety, mindfulness meditation, and disordered eating.

Before beginning my clinical training, I worked with children and families for over ten years. This experience gave me insight and direction as I uncovered a deep interest for helping individuals and families resolve their conflicts to live more meaningful and joyful lives.

During my clinical training in graduate school I noticed that my clients presented to therapy for emotional hardships yet reported physical challenges, many of which were dismissed by medical professionals as “anxiety.”

This peeked my curiosity to better understand the mind-body relationship and how to heal emotional wounds by listening to the cues of the physical body. Food is a vital role in the mind-body connection and when it is out of sync it can cause many challenges.

I look forward to helping you find the peace you deserve.  

"If you're doing something that doesn't make sense, look deeper: It makes sense." -G. Roth

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