Common Signs of Anxiety in Children:

  • Frequent Physical complaints

  • Avoidance of Social Events (birthday parties, dinners, recess etc..)

  • Difficulty with Change or Transitions

  • Frequent Tantrums or Meltdowns


Co-parenting, done successfully, can have an incredibly positive influence on the social and emotional development of a child.

Conversely, when children are in the middle of two parents with different parenting styles and conflicting messages, the effects can be harmful and can influence a child’s development and mental health later in life.

If you are a co-parent, and you know you can do better, I am here to help. If you have tried everything but are still experiencing differences, working with a therapist can help bring peace to your family and resolutions to endless conflicts.

I work closely with parents to better understand the individual differences and strengths of a child in order to develop a specific blueprint on the best parenting practices.